Every journey has a secret destination
of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber

Every moment of every day you are creating experiences with your focused thought and feelings. If you focus on worry and fear and lack, you will attract those experiences, those “things,” into your life. If you focus on trust, love, and joy, you will attract those experiences as well. Being a well-practiced student of life, I am familiar with the delusions and quandaries of everyday reality that bring us into negativity and low energy living, i.e., feeling depressed, like a failure, unhappy, with meager self-confidence.

Recognizing that you can only start from where you are, we begin here and move with all the “stuff of life”, the traumas, the personality’s suit of armor, for transformation and growth. From here, we utilize the practice modality and tools that meet your needs now in order to engage in the process of growth and healing. Once connected to this process of growth, you begin to honor your innate desires, gain clarity as to who you are, follow your intentions, which allows you to live in greater freedom, joy, and purpose. Staying open to life’s possibilities allows you to let go of life’s impossibilities.

Following and trusting your natural desires and knowledge, helps you to find yourself and your pathways naturally.

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